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  True: tru -adjective. reliable, unfailing, or sure

Bamboo: bam-boo –noun any of the treelike tropical and semitropical grasses, having woody, usually hollow stems with stalked blades. Bamboo roots for many years, establishing deep strong roots, flowering only after years of growth. But after growth begins it grows wild, tall and far in a very short amount of time. Some species of bamboo can reach heights of 66 to 98 feet, others will sprout up over acres.

True to the Bamboo plant, the principals and staff of TruBambu have “rooted” histories rich in knowledge and experience in their areas. Whether our business has already put in its “rooting” time or not, we have put in place the necessary elements to help your business quickly get to the wild growth stage.

The combination of services we have combined were carefully strategized to deliver to the small business of today exactly what is needed to expand in a cost effective, and simple to understand manner. We strive to help you understand all that is available in the areas of promotion, both on the web and in print, using tools such as your website, proper email marketing, social networking and more.

But that is just the beginning. Generating leads and dynamically handling them using the new and exciting hosted CRM is surprising our clients with benefits beyond what they expected. This also includes business productivity, ability to coordinate remotely, sharing information and communication in ways you thought were only available to much larger companies.

You see, we know small business. We know what is feasible for a business your size to engage in and what is not. We also know you must harvest quickly to justify the expense. Today’s economy has hit the small business as much or more than anywhere. Spending your money is something that must be well thought out and done right the first time. TruBambu knows that and will put together only the services you need, designed to grow with you. We have packages prepared to save you money and give you consistent ongoing service.
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