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1. What is the Microsoft Cloud?

Microsoft Cloud is an IP network that is run very efficiently by Microsoft Corporation. Its purpose is to provide companies with a space for software applications to run securely, efficiently and fast, for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, companies no longer have to be bothered with expanding, updating and upgrading their systems as they grow because it will be done for them by Microsoft for much less expense.

2. Our company’s website is old, unattractive and/or stagnant. Can you help us to develop a new one? And how much it would cost?

As part of our Internet Marketing Services, we develop, design and market websites. Our business model is specifically geared for the small business and our prices are aligned with small business budgets. In simple words we will give you a very well developed and individualized website that is complete with content management capabilities for the right price.

3. What is Business Productivity Suite (BPOS) and how could we use it in our business?

Microsoft Productivity suite is the environment that facilitates utilization of Outlook email, calendaring, tasks, notes, web conferencing, corporate messenger communications and most importantly file sharing on the Microsoft cloud for as low as $10 a month. What this means is that a small or a midsize business does not have to deploy and maintain a Microsoft Exchange Server and file management servers in house anymore (Cost thousands of dollars to have and maintain one). Being that all this is managed by Microsoft the failure rate is very low. Backup is the most efficient and redundant a company can employ (for no cost). These resources are available to you wherever you may be. Regardless of where you are or what type of workstation you happen to be in front of, as long as you know the Internet address, login and password you are in!!

4. Security is a big concern today, how does BPOS measure up with security?

Today, security is a huge concern. Users have to deal with multiple passwords for any digital space they access. Many do not realize that if their password is their name with birth date or any word that is recognizable and has some meaning, a hacker with the right tools can break in in a matter of hours maybe minutes. So when a company commits to BPOS they have to comply with Microsoft's security rolls. What that means is that you as the user are forced to exert to your password using the formula that has proven virtually impossible to hack into, including forcing you to change it every sixty days. The good news is that there is only one password for all the above applications. This concept is called "Single Sign On". BPOS employs a very powerful Firewall called Forthfront / Bigfish it is kind of an electronic fence that stops every single hacker, malwares, cyber terrorists from breaking in. Additionally BPOS is what is called "no footprint application" in another words it does not leave traces behind it when one accesses it from a public place.

5. Why should we use you over another company?

Because we are unique in a number of ways. We are not interested in using up your IT dollars for maintenance, or unnecessary upgrades. Our focus is on helping businesses to increase revenue through utilization of Internet and computing technologies. Our focus is on helping small business decrease their IT maintenance budget and redirect funds to very efficient and inexpensive marketing and sales tools such as the Internet and CRM. Our goal is to help increase your bottom line through IT.

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