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Todays Choices

If you are a small business or just starting a small business making choices as to how to spend your technology dollars can be overwhelming. You may have your network in place, or may not, but you know you need to be competitive, and just what in the way of technology will give you that edge fastest and most cost efficiently?

Before making a long term commitment, one of the smartest things you can do is fully understand some of your options.

TruBambu is ready to help you. We understand that you are looking to enhance productivity, contain costs, promote broadly, and enhance current business. And for the first time, these are all possible with a small business solution plan. We know that you can really only "grow wild" if you promote and organize.

So the good news is the line between technology and marketing is getting fuzzier as applications appear that do both; organize and promote. This is why we are unique. We have focused on areas that bring the two together, putting you in a more powerful position to benefit from both.

CRM is the perfect example of that. Organize your contacts, your clients, their current activity, their history. Now you are set up for a possible email campaign to existing clients – you wouldn’t believe how effective and how affordable this is – a postcard campaign to new contacts, followed by email, and a rejuvenated website that will be found by all looking for your kind of business. In addition, your employees will save valuable time by sharing data and files instantly, eliminating all "double work".

At the same time, the simple addition of Business Productivity Suite (BPos) will allow you instant and effortless web conferencing, sharepoint data sharing, instant access to one's data from anywhere, and more. All on hosted solution so there are no high application fees.

So now all you need is a plan. Depending on many factors, such as the size of your existing client base, number and location of staff, current marketing activities and condition of your website to name a few, Trubambu will draw up a plan, using the latest options in online marketing and productivity to get your company to the "grow wild" stage asap. These factors will be evaluated to determine which applications and in which order will work best for you because your business is unique and should be treated as such.